What to consider while choosing a leather jacket

Purchasing a leather jacket is often involves spending fortune, and it is important to make a number of consideration before settling on a particular jacket. There are wide varieties of leather jackets in the market, with some perfect for winter and some fit for fall seasons. This guide highlights some key factors to consider while choosing the right leather jacket and what determines the amount you can spend on a particular jacket. Here are seven factors you need to consider while choosing the right leather jacket in the market.

i. Fabric:

You can choose to either buy real or vegan leather. Real leather is considered more durable but stretches a little over time. On the other hand, vegan options remain the same size throughout and their durability depends on the vegan material used. Original leather is always more expensive than the vegan option.

ii. Indented use:

The intended use and what to wear the jacket with determines the right jacket that you should purchase. If you need a jacket to use as a layering piece during falls, you need to get a larger size that accommodates thicker items like sweaters. However, if you intend to pair your leather jacket with a simple tee, consider purchasing a smaller size jacket. If you intend to use the jacket on a daily basis, it can be a good idea to pick a well fitting jacket. Too small jacket is likely to stretch out quickly and lose it shape.

iii. Shoulder alignment:

Check the jacket well to ensure that the shoulders fit in perfectly. Unless you are looking for something oversize, it is important to make sure that the shoulders to not sit too wide or too narrow. Too narrow shoulders will restrict your arms and are not comfortable.

iv. Length:

Jackets are available in different sizes and style and considering whether to buy a cropped jacket or a short jacket at the end on the hips can be a bit tricky. From experience, both have advantages and shortcomings. The size of the jacket depends mainly on your body size and the style you need. If you need a leather jacket that fit well with your dress, then a cropped jacket can be perfect. However, if you need a leather jacket that fit well with your jeans, then longer length work best.

v. Leather Type:

The type of leather used to manufacture the jacket is critical. The leather can be classified as thick, thin, shiny, hard, super soft, suede, or other forms of texture. All these details are important as they affect the style, how it sits and its versatility. Leather that has a subtle texture is likely to change with time. Poor quality jacket crease, get scratched, soften and fade easily. Choose a high-quality leather jacket that can the test of the time and retain the character of the jacket for a long period.

vi. Detailing:

The details of the jacket affect the style. Too many details results can affect the original design while too little can result in a boring jacket. The types of stitches, zippers, and hardware affect the choice of the jacket. Choose a jacket that feels classic and flattering to you. Consider whether you need a jacket with padding on the top of the arm, noting that the padding adds extra weight.

vii. Lapel/Color:

Various brands of leather jackets are available in the market with the different brands constantly evolving. According to my experience and depending on your taste, the classical design can be the best. Avoid things that are too trendy as they last only for a very short time. Trending styles like fur, shearlings, no color and drapes should be avoided unless you are looking for a mature style.

Final Verdict:

Hundreds of brands and styles of leather jackets are available in the market, and choosing the right style that fit your needs is not easy. You can either buy a real leather jacket or a faux. While choosing a jacket, avoid choosing something roomy. Most people like wearing jackets open and unzipped to accommodate fuzzy scarf. Although oversize accommodates heavy sweaters during winter, it can be too long and bulky. Fitting leather jacket looks nice and can be worn unzipped to accommodate woolen super warm scarf.